'About me' - yes, i'm legit

There’s nothing special to write or list ‘about me’. I know it’s necessary that you want to know something about who is behind this site – and, even more so, the pressing questions you undoubtedly have, which include: Is this legit? Are donations really going to be made to support the Borderline 12 families and survivors… and, is it really 100% profit that will be donated? Will I actually get the products I purchase (and, will they be of decent quality)?


What is relevant to know above and beyond my wife and I have been living in Thousand Oaks for 16 years, we have two beautiful sons, we’re very active in youth sports, we support local businesses and love living where we do – is that I’m just an average person living in T.O. I’m not a celebrity, athlete, politician nor socialite. I’m just a T.O. citizen who, like you, were emotionally impacted by what happened last November. I did not know Sean, Cody, Blake, Jake, Ron, Alaina, Daniel, Justin, Marky, Kristina, Telemachus, Noel or their families… nor did/do I directly know any of the survivors who were there that evening. The closest I am to any victim or survivor is one-degree of separation (to several of them). 

I’m just somebody who wants to help.  I’m not a business looking to add to the bottom line. I’m just someone who created a symbol and had an ambitious idea on how to try to use it to raise funds to support the Borderline survivors… and, then ran with it. This was/is a ‘project’ fueled by compassion. Compassion for the victims, the survivors, the officers, the friends, the families… the community. And, that’s all it is - just one person genuinely wanting to help others.

Now, to your questions:

- Is this legit? Without question and wholeheartedly, YES.  This ‘project’ began approx. 10 months ago for me. It’s taken that amount of time to develop, plan, position and fulfill partnerships and the operations for this “one-man-show”. As this project was founded and fueled by the desire of helping those in need, this was/is my philanthropy in 2019.  I have had months of development, discussions, reviews, feedback and conversations about this project with many people and organizations in the community, including the VCCF, The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, the top officials in the City of Thousand Oaks’ Administration.  As logic would indicate – considering how many people know about this and among them are the most influential and powerful folks in the community, if I had ill-intentions and not prepared to back-up what I claim, then I will have pretty much destroyed my life, as a result. Of course this is legit! 

- Will 100% of the profits from all sales on the site really go to support the Borderline 12 families and survivors? Absolutely, YES.  This is not a profit-generating business for me. Similar to the comment above, I have committed and directly told everyone from the President/CEO of the VCCF, to the Mayor of Thousand Oaks to the Chief of Police to 100s of others in the community that 100% profits from the sales on BorderlineTwelve.com are going to the Conejo Valley Victims Fund (Borderline). So, How could I stray away from that now? But the more appropriate question is: Why would I stray from that? I wouldn’t! The money is for those 204 VCCF registered victims/survivors who need it. 

- Will you really get the product you purchased... will it be the product you actually bought… and, will it be of good quality? Absolutely, without question… YES, YES, and YES. I’m not skipping town with your money and not delivering a product! I have partnered with two companies to handle the fulfillment and printing components. Both are very well known and work with many local organizations and businesses.  Regarding any quality concern, all I can say is – if you’re going to create a symbol and have 16 different articles of clothing available to the masses – then, do it right. I assure you, I would not have put this much time into this project, only to have the shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, hats, stickers and window clings be junk. The quality is solid.  

I can’t predict what the ultimate outcome of this will be. I have no idea if this initiative will be a huge success… or, fall short of gaining any momentum that would make an impact. But, regardless of what happens, I had to try and see this through. The cause deserves my best effort.    

One last comment, if you're still asking if this is legit. Think about this: I have had months of development with this project. Some of the most influential and authoritative individuals and organizations in and around Thousand Oaks have been involved behind-the-scenes for months, as they are well versed in the operations and have witnessed the evolution of this project. There are several more examples and situations I could describe… but, to the point – considering all who knows about this; all who know who I am; and, all that I have committed to - who would put themselves out there like that, and then sabotage?   ... exactly.  Are you still questioning if it’s legit? 

BorderlineTwelve.com was created for the right reason… planned with the right purpose… supported by the right people… and, now brought to you with the right intention. 

Thank you for your support... and, for caring enough to read this much ‘about me’. 


A very meaningful gift given to me from the Ventura County Sheriff Dept (East County Station).
A very meaningful gift given to me from the Ventura County Sheriff Dept (East County Station).